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When you speak your mind you let people know exactly what you think. How you’re received and whether that’s welcome, is something else entirely.

Introducing psychometric testing into the recruitment journey is a way for those with the hiring decision to better understand how you think and behave and, consequently, how you will likely perform in a certain role.

When you’re trying to marry highly-skilled professionals with their dream job, the wrong fit or mismatched hire can be extremely costly to the business and damaging to the candidate.

Last year it was suggested that a misplaced hire at mid-manager level can leave a sting of up to £132,000 in a company’s bottom line. Consider what a Veterinary Surgeon is worth – and the time it takes to move them through the recruitment process – and you can soon understand why finding the right hire in this sector is so critical.

Psychometric tests are a way to measure mental horsepower and learn how your personality fits with the work, the environment, the systems and most importantly – the people.

All your experience, skills, expertise and education contribute to a hiring decision, but it’s often your personality and the way you work that’s the real measuring stick for how you will thrive.

A lot of people rightly feel that interviews don’t always capture them in the best light, or truly reflect their ability to perform in the role, and that is why a more scientific approach can help to inform recruiting decisions.

At Noble Futures we look past CVs and paper candidates and get to the know the people. If you want to understand cultural fit and soft skills you need to know the person.

Who might you clash with, what’s your ideal work environment, how would you digest L&D and how do you behave in certain situations are important questions that can be asked.

To help our clients understand that, Psychometrics are an additional screen that are available through our expert partners.

Psychometric testing is not a Scientology tool or a method to fear. There’s a reason that 75% of the Times Best Companies to Work For and 80% of Fortune 500 firms are using the psychometric testing tools our partners offer.

That said, Psychometric testing is not just reserved for the global powerhouses and are increasingly deployed by startups and SME’s.

So what does psychometric testing actually do?

Its objective is to determine how a person thinks. Their mental capacity, characteristics, traits and their ability to retain and action information. In a nutshell, it’s a data-driven way to measure personality and potential.

They usually fall into two main camps: self-reports, such as questionnaires; or personality tests and performance tests, which measure your mental capability to approach a task.

We deliver bespoke versions of the Myer-Briggs and 16PF personality tests that specifically align with the organisations – and their objectives – that we work with.

They increase retention

By equipping hiring managers with an objective insight into the candidate’s mental and emotional skill set – rather than relying solely on intuition or instinct – they are empowered to hire for cultural fit as well as experience.

They help your business grow

Avoiding the high costs and productivity issues that come with staff churn, and the drain caused by unsuccessful recruiting, means more time and money is invested back into your business.

They can be used for succession planning

By taking the time to identify which employees have the drive and potential required for leadership positions, you can often find those that might have been overlooked. It allows companies to allocate their L&D with confidence and earmark the next managers, influencers and leaders of tomorrow.


At Noble Futures, we do our best to help our clients and candidates build a personal relationship.

Blending our people-first approach with the psychometric analytics our partners offer, we help our clients – and their potential hires – to appreciate the full picture and the likelihood of a successful long-term career being forged.

This depth of knowledge and personal connection allows all parties to understand what they want to get from each stage of the recruitment journey, ensuring confident and accurate actions stem from the results.

Ensuring that every placement is perfect for everyone involved is our driving force – which means not always taking test results, CV’s, or HR requirements at face value.

Psychometric tests deliver the most value when they’re used to advise and inform decision making, and not to control it, which is why we partnered with the leading provider in psychometric testing to place people first.

Are you a candidate seeking a new role? Or a client with recruitment needs?

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