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Dedicated Sales Recruitment

We help software businesses scale their sales and customer success teams

It’s not enough to have a great product. You must have the internal sales skills to take your product to market.

No sale, no business.

Konex was founded in 2019 with the goal of becoming the world’s number 1 sales recruitment agency.

We partner with high growth software businesses to support their sales recruitment across the board, from new business to customer success & account management.

Roles we recruit

◼️  CROs & VPs
◼️  Sales Directors
◼️  Sales Managers
◼️  Account Executives
◼️  Account Managers
◼️  Customer Success
◼️  BDR/SDRs
◼️  Pre-Sales

Why work with us?

Proactive Headhunting Approach

Dedicated talent partner

Gain Market Insights

hire proven salespeople

Why work with us?

◼️  We provide tailored recruitment solutions to our customers, both candidates and clients – working with a dedicated talent partner ensures your needs are fully understood and met
◼️  Unique tried and tested qualification process that highlights the sales superstars you need to bring your product to market successfully
◼️  80% of candidates sourced through direct headhunting, enabling access to high quality sales people that can’t be found through usual channels
◼️  Our partnership with Hoxo Media generates candidates through Inbound Marketing, Social Media and Direct channels, providing untapped talent our competitors don’t have access to
◼️  Detailed qualification process before meeting any of our clients ensuring high quality as well as strong cultural and team fit
◼️  Deep market knowledge allows us to access high quality sales people in our extended networks, as well as the ability to provide compelling market insights you can’t get anywhere else 


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